Introduction sessions

The first step is "meeting" your design. This introductory is a process of two sessions.

In these sessions we discuss the most significant things in your Human Design chart: Type, strategy and your inner authority (decision-making process).

We look at your bodygraph and see the qualities you were born with - your strengths, the energies you can rely on – the colorful places in your chart.

We also look at the sensitive points in your design – the white parts. These "open" places are "windows" for you to take in energies of others and experience life. These open spaces are very vulnerable to conditioning – they are what we are not, and in most cases – what we desperately try to be.

The purpose of this introductory is to motivate you to experiment with living your design. Actually, your experiment begins after the first session... When we meet again you"ll already have some experiences, questions and insights...

These sessions do not provide general information about The Human Design System - only what is relevant for your chart.

Support session

A support session is a space for support and deepening of your Human Design experiment, through looking into the challenges and difficulties that occur in different areas of our life.

The experiment confronts us with our beliefs and conditioning. 

Looking into these "presents" that come to the surface through the eyes of the Human Design knowledge, support our experimenting with our Strategy and our decision-making -process and bring us closer to our true self.

The "goal" of the Human Design experiment is to live who we are and love ourselves the way we are deigned to be, not according to our mind and the homogenized world we are conditioned by. 

This is a journey for life,  support is needed.


One on one "Living Your Design" course  is also a recommended for our support and education process :-)


Partnership analysis and development



Intimate relationship


Business partners  






After trying to solve crises and relationship problems by mental understanding, human design shows us that there is no blame.

Your partnership (relationship of two people) is an energetic entity that has its own mechanics and it's absolute. There is no way you're able to change it... The only way it can work is when each one of you learns to accept one's own design and from that can emerge the authentic respect for the other.  

So... if both of you had your introductory sessions and feel you want to get deeper and examine your partnership mechanics, then this is for you.

In this process we analyze the ways you connect, the dilemmas in the relationship, and focus on how each of you can respect your own design, and your partner's uniqueness too. 

First we look at the basic mechanics of the partnership. The things you share and how they can serve your connection, the differences between your designs - the challenges they bring and the ways to operate in order to minimize resistance and friction.

Then, we will deal with the dilemmas that appear as you go deeper into your Human Design experiment, in order to establish the respect you both develop for your own design and for the other's.

If it's correct for you to be together, there is an empowering and respectful way to do so. If life shows you that it's not correct for you, it's better to release the bond in mutual respect and with self-love. 

This process is eye-opening and empowering, and lays the foundation for a quantum leap in all the relationships in your life.


In this case, if the child is young, the process is done with the parent alone, in order to guide the parent how to empower the child and treat them according to their design. This would solve difficulties in the relationship and also give a priceless gift to the child - growing as themselves.

The sessions are 1.5 hour long, on-line (unless we're lucky to be in the same place at the same time :-) 



Dvir Itzhaki

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